Getting To The Islands

All travel information is on the Simple Scilly website. Sail by Scillionian II from Penzance or fixed wing aircraft from Lands End, Nequay or Exeter

The Isles of Scilly

The Isles of Scilly offer you your own, special holiday experience. Arriving on the quay of an off-island, you may well wonder where the (one, unnamed) road takes you. There are no bright, intrusive signs. There are no highly polished thoroughfares. There are no loud and noisy theme parks or tourist 'attractions'. But you will find everything you are looking for ... miles of stunning beaches ... incredible eateries ... unusual local arts, crafts, and produce ... marine adventures from diving to kayaking to glass-bottomed boating ... amazing walking trails and wildlife areas ... family-friendly locals who welcome you like one of their own.
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Exploring the Isles of Scilly is truly unique:
Our boatmen are second-to-none in their knowledge and skill. Exploring the islands by boat is a unique, personal, friendly experience.
Our old-fashioned tours and guided walks, hosted by knowledgeable and passionate locals, will take you to the key sights to see, as well as the hidden gems.
Hire a bike, or put your walking shoes on, and explore mile after mile of pastoral trails, taking you through the most fabulous Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty!

Beautiful Beaches

The Isles of Scilly boast a vast array of stunning beaches ... there are over 35 white sandy beaches spread across the archipelago. Vanilla sands and turquoise seas abound on every island. If you are looking for your own private, secluded beach, away from everyone and everything, look no further!

The beaches around Scilly offer sun-bleached white sand, perfect for secluded sunbathing and stunning vistas, and great beachcombing. There are turquoise shallows enticing you into the sea, wonderful rockpools, and fascinating snorkelling spots.

The chance to escape the stresses of modern life and find a perfect beach all to oneself is why holidaymakers are drawn back time and again, in an almost spiritual way. Whatever kind of beach you seek, you're sure to find it on Scilly.

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