Things to do and see

Scilly Isles

This page would be huge if we put everything Scilly has to offer on it! These include Stunning beaches, Diving, Superb Fishing, Tours and Treks, Golfing, Shopping, Surfing, Great Seafood restaurants, Concerts, Arts, Sailing and lots more. The website Simply Scilly has all the info you need and we have detailed some more info below.

Adventure sports

Looking for adventure? The Scilly Isles has many activities to offer the intrepid visitor, including canoeing, scuba diving, sailing, rock climbing, tours and cruises, riding centres and cycling.

Food, Produce, Eating In or Dining Out ...

The Secret Ingredient...
Fresh air, clean seas and long sunny days are the secret ingredient in making island produce so delicious.

Mouth-watering local lobsters and crabs abound, together with fresh fish, local lamb, beef and vegetables, eggs, bread and butter, beer and wine, ice cream, jam and fudge, all make for perfect picnics and brilliant barbecues, you can even catch your own prawn cocktail in Summer!!

Walking Scilly

Wherever you choose to walk on Scilly the delights are endless and whether you are fascinated by history, nature or just love the solitude of miles of empty shoreline there is something for everyone to enjoy.


The moment you step off the boat, plane or helicopter, you are struck by the friendliness and tranquillity of the place. More importantly, there are loads of fish all over the islands and many areas have never even seen a baited hook, let alone an angler!

The Isles of Scilly used to be one big island many thousands of years ago; subsequently, the sea is shallow and mainly sandy between them, but those islands with outside facing coasts drop off into very deep water. There are lots of wrecks, reefs and sandbanks that hold fish.

There are few other fish to catch in UK waters that are as beautiful as the blue shark; 60lbs is a perfectly good shark, although a lucky few have had a fair amount over the magical 100lbs. These are such fun on the light tackle.


These unspoiled and relatively isolated islands have the most gentle climate in Britain, making the Isles of Scilly a haven for many types of flora and fauna. The Isles are often referred to as a sub-tropical paradise and have been named an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The islands' entire coastline, including many beautiful white beaches as well as rocky headlands and islets, has been given Heritage status. Each island has its own unique and rather special character.

Scilly offers some of the finest diving in the UK - many say the world - with over 155 great dive sites already located and many new ones added each year. Most visitors are drawn back time and again by the standard and variety of diving.